BAX Board of Directors

Oliver Fein — President Steven Flax — Treasurer Jesse Phillips-Fein — Secretary
Briana Carlson-Goodman Jane Holzka Jimena Martinez
George Emilio Sanchez Ellynne Skove Amy Sumner
Leslie Weber  Margo Manbode

BAX Advisory Board

Elise Bernhardt Martha Bowers Nathan Elbogen Meg Fagan
George Hagen Barbara Mahler Craig Peterson Jane-Cole Raftery
Deborah Schwartz Sandi Stratton-Gonzalez Anne Wong

BAX Administrative Staff

Marya Warshaw
Founding & Executive Director
Vanessa Adato
Managing Director
Lucia Scheckner
Education Director
Fernando Maneca
Marketing & Communications Director
Sara Roer
Operations Manager
Casey Hayes-Deats
Education Manager
Melanie Greene
Marketing & Communications Manager
Morgan Gould
Development Manager

Ali Rosa-Salas
Artist Services Manager

Nadia Hannan
Education Assistant
Donna Costello
Education Programs Consultant
and Lead Facilitator; Faculty Member; and Director of YouthWorks
Andrew Jannetti
School Breaks Director
Helen Fourness,
Teri-Ann Carryl, Nadia 
Administrative Assistants
Kevin Bastien, Ann Chiaverini,
Zack Simcoe, Libby Rush
Facility Managers

BAX Production Staff

Emma Rivera
Technical Director / Resident Lighting Designer
Ann Chiaverini, Mieke D,
Helen Fourness, Zack Simcoe
Box Office

BAX Faculty

Our Faculty is comprised of graduates from some of the finest theater and dance departments in the U.S. and most create and perform professionally. They are selected for their unique understanding of the developmental stages of children and how that translates into the training of a young dancer, actor, choreographer or playwright.

Click HERE for a full list of faculty and their bios.

BAX Consultants / Vendors

Paradise Partners
Filemaker Developer
Integral Tech
IT Consultant
Ticket Sales