Performances at BAX

PHOTO: Whitney Browne

"Her Fishtrap": a reflection from Ni'Ja Whitson

06/28/2016| By Ni' Ja Whitson | Infinite Body

Her Fishtrap

Cold jar swings
from the ceiling.
its translucence
off white spill.
A residue
memory, and time.

It is another of McGregor’s portals.


PHOTO: Courtesy of the Artist

Women at Risk

04/30/2002 | by Deborah Jowitt | The Village Voice

"The hardy Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) has a history of presenting bold new work. Melissa Briggs's in-progress Citystory certainly deserves both adjectives. Her dancers (Kelly Bartnik, Donna Costello, Toni Melaas, and Mindy Nelson) have the look of apprentices in a society they're just beginning to understand. Their eyes are blackened, and each has a black line running from under her chin to the neckline of her maroon outfit. Their dancing is loose, but strong and clear."


PHOTO: Richard Termine for The New York Times

Fantasy All Tangled Up in Allison Farrow's 'Tiny Open Sky'

04/25/2006 | by Claudia La Rocco | New York Times

"So the philosopher Paul Virilio, the speedster Craig Breedlove and the film star Marlene Dietrich walk into a bar.
O.K., not a bar — a studio, where they spend the next two years getting scrambled through Allison Farrow's imagination, along with some film, some movement and lots of mystifying monologues. What comes out is "Tiny Open Sky," performed by Arturo Vidich and Ms. Farrow on Saturday at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange in Park Slope, where Ms. Farrow is coming to the end of a two-year artistic residency."


PHOTO: Iquo Essien

LOVE |FORTE: A Collective's Memory Witholdings

05/05/2013 | by A. Nia Austin-Edwards | The Dance Enthusiast

"LOVE|FORTÉ, A Collective's Memory Withholdings opens with Marjani Forté, face powdered white, curled under a table. The work goes on to engage the audience in a journey of memories -- a woman with no name, garlic and onions, Mississippi River flooding, vegetable picking, cooking, and more. In the process they fill the space, the Theater at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and create a series of worlds within.

Melissa Briggs Dance and Nami Yamamoto
PHOTO: Angela Jimenez for The Brooklyn Rail

Emerging Choreographers: Melissa Briggs Dance and Nami Yamamoto

04/01/2004 | by Laura Barcella | The Brooklyn Rail

"Melissa Briggs has a thing for trains. While the Brooklyn-based choreographer, who is currently an artist-in-residence at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) in Park Slope, doesn’t state this explicitly in conversation, it’s implicit in her work, where trains play a significant role both in her CityStory (2002) and in her latest work The Book Project. Here, trains link three very different, but equally fascinating pairs of classic literary characters. “Trains have a really interesting part; they’re a symbol of industrialization,” says Briggs. “As these scenes move [chronologically] through time, it’s what ties them together.”"


PHOTO: courtesy of the Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Nami Yamamoto

11/17/2008 | by Jim Dowling | Dance Magazine

"Nami Yamamoto’s the last word was PAPIREPOSE defies attempted explanations. The stark, uncompromising product of a two-year BAX residency takes form as a procession of scenes with evocative names like “a visitor in my window” and “a pair of steep eyes.”"