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What a year!

Some days there is a darkness too great, it feels like the flu, it feels like an eclipse without the release, it feels like a great loss. It’s real, and it involves the hearts and minds and lives of the artists, students, families and staff at BAX. At performances and in meetings, in hallway conversations, and in our neighborhood, we ask if anyone else is having these feelings.

What are you doing? Where are YOU putting your energies?

ONE OF THE WAYS WE RESIST IS TO BE BOLD. We make and support work that challenges the traditionally dominant narrative. We insist on telling ALL stories, no matter who might be made uncomfortable by the truths of the vast array of experiences we see here at BAX.

Our response to a political climate that attempts to silence too many voices is to COMMIT MORE! We are expanding our after school pick up program to make it an even deeper resource for more families, we are digging deeply into our youth curriculum and expanding beyond a Western European tradition to include more voices at the table. We are putting tangible financial resources and staff time into racial equity work and we are blown away by all the important complexities it is opening up for our organization, and all it is doing to inspire hope for our future and our community. We know we want to offer a wider range of perspectives and analysis of what BAX is and what BAX could be! That’s the commitment we make as we enter 2018. This is an invitation to join us and to SUPPORT US RIGHT NOW!

Please do not wait – please do not assume someone else will do it

With warm wishes from the staff, board, faculty, and artists at BAX

Abigail, Alexa, Amy, Andrew, Angie, Ann, Atiya, Aya, Ben, Billy, Briana, Brianna, Camille-Bettina, Casey, Catherine, Christie, Claro, Dan, Dane, Diana, Diane, Donna, Ellynne, Emma, Fernando, George, Helen, Helen, Ita, Jane, Jen, Jesse, Jessica, Jimena, Jimena, Johnnie, Jose, Julia, Juliana, Kanwal, Kate, Kayla, Kelinda, Kevin, Leslie, Lucia, luciana, Madison, Maira, Margo, Maria, Mariana, Marya, Maxwell, Maya, Maya, Melanie, Michelle, Mieke, Morgan, Natalie, Nia, Ness, Oliver, Rachel, s., Sara, Sara, Skye, Sophie, Stephanie, Steven, Tamika, Tanisha, Teri-Ann, and Vanessa.

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All donations to BAX are fully tax-deductible.