Disability Artistry

Disability Artistry at BAX

A constellation of projects led by disabled artists creates a growing framework for disability, access, and artistry at BAX. A multi-prong, artist-led constellation of intersectional projects includes ROTATIONS, directed by Yo-Yo Lin and Pelenakeke, a collaboration with Anna Gichan and The CUNY Dance Initiative at Brooklyn College, a pilot of DREAM (Disability, Radicality, Embodiment, and Access for Makers) developed by the artists Perel, and an Access Artistry Conversation series designed in partnership with Kevin Gotkin of Kinetic Light and Christopher Núñez of Movement Research.

Together, these projects build a platform for disability artistry that serves both the organizational culture, including BAX staff and its artist community, as well as the broader field of contemporary dance and performing arts. These interlocking programs formulate a framework for accountability and shared stewardship. They build momentum and expertise about disability access and artistry, a key dimension to sustainable organizing that too often is siloed among only those spearheading the work.