What is the $20 annual maintenance fee for?

The annual maintenance fee offsets the cost of maintaining our facilities, supplies, and equipment made available to all renters in every studio. The maintenance fee may not be waived and is non-refundable.

What if I need to cancel my rehearsal rental?

Cancellations made with less than 72 hours notice of the booking will result in a charge on the renter’s account. All renters are responsible for any booking that is canceled less than the 72 hour policy. If you cancel your time with more than 72 hours notice, your booking with be canceled and you will not be charged. For example, your booking is Thursday from 7-9pm. You call Tuesday of that same week at 9am to cancel. This is less than 72 hours notice and you will be charged.

What happens if I adjust the times for my booking with less than 72 hour notice?

Any changes to the booking less than 72 hours notice are the responsibility of the renter. For example, if the original booking is from 9am-12pm (3 hours) and the renter requests to change the slot to 10am-1pm, the renter is responsible for the hours of 9am to 1pm. In other words, 9am-10am was canceled within the 72 hour policy.

How can my theater or dance company book space as a group?

Companies may book space in the same way that renters do – one company member will act as the “renter” and up to three other company members can sign on as agents. Agents and renters sign a contract together and agree that the agent can book space under the renter’s name and be present for the booking in place of the renter. They also agree that that the renter is ultimately financially responsible for the space. This may be arranged by contacting Sara Roer, Operations Manager, at sara@bax.org.

Can my colleague book space on my behalf?

People rehearsing with a renter may be signed on as agents, similar to the way companies book space. See above question for more information.

What if I have pre-paid for my space and then I cancel it with more than 72 hours notice? Can I get my money back?

Payments for space rental are non-refundable. If a space is paid for but then canceled with more than 72 hours notice, a credit will be held on the renter’s account indefinitely for future use.

Can I stay in the studio past my booking if no one shows up?

If your slot has ended and no one else has arrived to use the space and you would like to extend your reservation you must check in with Reception to book the additional space and make a payment for it.

Can my renting privileges be revoked?

Yes. BAX reserves the right to revoke any renter’s booking privileges based on an outstanding balance, breach of contract, or inappropriate behavior.

Can I book the space for an audition or to hold a class or workshop?

Yes. BAX books its space for a variety of uses. However, these bookings are charged at a higher rate than our subsidized rehearsal rates. We are able to provide low rehearsal rates due to specific funding. Other uses are subject to a different rate schedule. Please inquire with Sara Roer at sara@bax.org.